ECP Heart Care FAQ's




How Effective is ECP Therapy?


Answer: Studies suggest that up to 80% of patients report significant improvement after receiving a full course of ECP Therapy. Patients often report that they no longer have chest pain, have greater energy and stamina, need less heart medication, and have an overall improved quality of life. Effects of the therapy can usually be felt between 10 and 14 treatments. Although it is difficult to determine the lasting effects for an individual, various studies have been conducted to track patient’s outcomes. Some studies suggest that patients who have responded to ECP Therapy may have lasting results for up to five years. 

Are there any risks or side effects to ECP Therapy?


Answer: ECP carries little to no risk for appropriate patients. Some common, but temporary side effects reported include fatigue, muscle soreness or cramping, and headaches. Patients are advised to monitor skin condition closely and report any signs of skin irritation. In the unlikely event that you have an adverse reaction to ECP Therapy, notify your physician immediately. 

Does insurance cover ECP Therapy?


Answer: ECP Therapy is covered by Medicare, as well as most of the major insurance carriers and healthcare plans. 

When should ECP Therapy be prescribed?


Answer: ECP is indicated for patients who suffer from Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). ECP is often prescribed for patients that are not surgical candidates. It is often the preferred treatment option for patients with chronic stable angina who have single or multivessel disease.




Information courtesy of ACS

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