Understanding ECP Heart Care



Understanding ECP Heart Care


A skilled ECP technician administers the therapy on an outpatient basis. The technician remains nearby to monitor treatment and to help maintain patient comfort.


First, the patient lies on a comfortable treatment platform. Air pressure cuffs are wrapped snuggly around the lower body on the calves, thighs, and buttocks. These cuffs are similar to blood pressure cuffs.

Net, the technician attaches electrodes to the patient's chest to monitor their heart rhythm. A computer then tracks and synchronizes cuff inflation and deflation with the patient's heart rhythm. The cuffs are set to inflate and deflate during the diastolic(resting) phase of the cardiac cycle.


How Does ECP Work?


During ECP Therapy, air pressure cuffs gently inflate and deflate with each heart beat. The cuffs provide a compression of the vasculature creating a strong "counterpulse." This counterpulse sends

freshly oxygenated blood rushing back toward the heard. This increases the peak diastolic pressure and the oxygen-rich blood supply that is delivered to themyocardium, or heart muscle.













Information courtesy of ACS

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