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America’s growing struggles with obesity are well documented. Two thirds of our adult population is currently overweight, with over half of that number being classified as obese (+30 lbs over recommended body weight). The adverse health effects of obesity have been well chronicled, but the damage to one’s self esteem is often tragic as well. Compounding the problem is the difficulty in not only getting significant weight off (more than 20 pounds), but also in keeping it off, avoiding the infamous ‘yo-yo’ effect. Fortunately, there’s a comprehensive approach to weight loss that will show you how you can lose your weight safely, and as fast as you could with a gastric bypass procedure, but without the surgery… and without that dreaded ‘yo-yo.’ You keep the weight off permanently.

Dr. James DeStephens, a leading Gainesville cardiologist and internal medicine physician, developed this rapid weight-loss program for his high risk, overweight heart and diabetic patients to help them lose large amounts of weight consistently when no other method had previously worked, including at times even failing after stomach bypass surgery. The program addresses the four recurring main themes in attempting to lose weight, including a desire to get the weight off as rapidly as possible, with typically 8-12 pounds lost the first week and 3-4 pounds per week thereafter. It also effectively minimizes the energy loss so commonly found in other rapid weight loss programs, as well as dramatically minimizing physical hunger through proper food selection and supplements (as might be necessary). And, most importantly, clients are taught to develop a unique, personalized motivational strategy that, if properly developed, can prevent them from the seemingly inevitable ‘yo-yoing’ effect of weight loss followed by weight gain.

Dr DeStephens’ rapid weight-loss program also teaches folks how to eat properly and how to choose foods from the grocery store, instead of buying expensive preprocessed foods as many programs would require. And most importantly, there is also a comprehensive weight loss educational system designed to help folks both identify, and understand, their unique underlying motivations for why they cannot permit themselves to fail, and moreover, why they will never again allow themselves to gain the weight back. Identifying motivations, and learning how to make them work for you, are things that most highly successful people routinely do in all walks of life. These powerful strategies have been applied to Dr. DeStephens’ weight-loss program to dramatically increase your likelihood of success. According to one study, these strategies were found to increase the chances of success by as much as twenty fold, when properly implemented.

So, if you are sick and tired of being burdened by excess weight and are absolutely committed to doing something about it, or at least investigating the possibilities, then call to set up an appointment as you begin the journey to discovering the new you.

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