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In 2007 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. It would have been easy to kid myself and say it was because of family history or genetics. But I knew it was my obesity and what I was eating that were the cause. I was eating all of the wrong kinds of foods – white flour, white sugar and potatoes.

In mid-January we got the details of the diet and began our journey. After weigh in on January 12, when I weighed 290 pounds, I set a goal to lose 25 pounds. Though I knew that wasn’t enough, I had tried so many diets and struggled with my weight enough to know that it would be a huge success for me.


The first few days, as my body went into ketosis, I went through “carb withdrawal” and I so wanted to quit the program. But after I saw the results from just the first week – 12 pounds – I knew I was on the right track. I also saw my blood sugars go down dramatically. I also set a new goal for myself – to lose 90 pounds and get myself to 200 pounds for the first time since my early teens.


My weight loss has been dramatic. We took a cruise in late March, a mere 11 weeks after starting our diet, and I had already lost over 55 pounds – well above my original goal. By following the plan on the cruise and only cheating occasionally, I actually lost 2 pounds on the cruise.


On July 19, 27 weeks after beginning my diet, I was able to hit my goal. It has been 75 days and I have been able to maintain my weight, fluctuating within 2-3 pounds. I have also recommended the program to friends who have seen me undergo my transformation and have wanted the same for themselves.

I strongly recommend this program for anyone who has a need for serious weight loss. The food choices make it very easy to stay satisfied all day, even for a picky eater like myself.


- Ken Hartman


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