Anti-Aging Services


Treatments to reverse aging, enhance physical and mental performance, and strengthen the immune system. Youthful Images Anti-Aging services consists of hormone treatments including HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and testosterone, hormone replacement therapy, DHEA, and advice regarding nutritional supplementation. All patients are individually examined and assessed by a licensed Medical Doctor,specializing in Internal medicine, Anti-Aging, and Cardiology, who provides personalized treatment to each patient. The doctor uses modern, sophisticated blood analysis to determine the individual needs of each patient.


If certain nutrients, HGH, or hormones are found to be deficient, the physicians can help prescribe medications and/or hormone treatments to replace the deficient hormones back to their normal ranges. During the anti-aging medicine assessment, extensive analysis of the blood for cholesterol, fats, and certain other harmful chemicals also help the physicians direct the patients into specific diet and exercise regimens.


Numerous medical specialists, such as cardiologists, urologists , and gynecologists are often consulted for further in-depth evaluation and treatment of many patients. The Anti-Aging Institute is NOT an 'alternative' medicine practice. The physicians are experienced medical doctors with years of experience treating a wide variety of medical conditions. Both traditional medicines and newly discovered anti-aging treatments are employed here, with careful consideration of the needs and philosophies of each particular patient.


HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and other hormones are only prescribed under carefully supervised and monitored conditions to patients who medically qualify for HGH and other anti-aging medicine treatments.


The areas our physician primarily focuses on in order to map out a plan for optimal health and life extension can be seen in the following list:



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