Personalized Anti-Aging Services You Can Trust

We offer treatments to reverse aging, enhance physical and mental performance, and strengthen the immune system. At the GAINESVILLE ANTI-AGING INSTITUTE services consist of a comprehensive anti-aging evaluation to help develop a game plan to help you feel, function, and even look 10, 15, or even 20 years younger depending on your circumstances. All patients are individually examined and treated by Dr. DeStephens who is a certified Anti-Aging specialist who is also board-certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. DeStephens provides personalized evaluations and treatments to fit the individual needs and desires of each patient.

Dr. DeStephens specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women whenever their symptoms and measured levels in the blood appear to be suboptimal. As we age, our body progressively loses the capacity to produce critical hormones the relative absence of which dramatically accelerates the aging process. If you are a male over 45 or a female that is menopausal, you need to know what this is all about so that you can make an educated decision. Dr. DeStephens is an acknowledged expert in the field of male and female hormones along with when and how they can be best utilized including occasions when they should not. Find out whether this may be something to consider for yourself. Hint… there will be a video blog coming up on that in the near future.

In addition, Dr. DeStephens recognizes the fundamental importance of developing a proper posture with everything that we might do from sitting, standing, walking, lifting, tugging, pulling, and even sleeping. This is taught occasionally in conjunction with a good physical therapist to also correct any underlying biomechanical balance issues that if uncorrected will lead to not just unnecessary muscle spasms and pain but avoidable progressive arthritis as well. There are 10 key points to remember about posture with all our activities that will help to keep you balanced and “core” aware as all good athletes and dancers are aware. Let Dr. DeStephens show you what they are. Hint number 2…There will also be a video blog on the site soon that will explain exactly what this is and show you how to develop not just a healthier and more comfortable balance but how you can look healthier, happier, and more confident at the same time. All of this and more is part of enlarging and individualized gameplay to help us feel, function and in certain ways even look many years younger.

We have all on occasion seen these folks who seem to look and function 10–20 years younger than their actual years. Here is where you can find out exactly how they made it happen. Call the office today and find out how far back in time your biological clock can be turned. As a board-certified internal medicine specialist with over 35 years of experience and with a combined emphasis in anti-aging medicine, Dr. DeStephens can do a thorough evaluation to help you understand both your strengths and weakness and what you can do to optimize everything that is important for feeling, functioning and even looking your best. Call the office today and find out how far back in time your biological clock can be turned.

Dr. DeStephens Rapid and Permanent Weight Loss Solutions. Dr. DeStephens operates the only rapid weight loss program in the region specifically addressing the reason why virtually all traditionally advertised weight loss programs have a 90% or more failure rate for those folks who have 50# or more to lose. Although what you eat is important, that’s always the easy part in terms of learning what must be done. In Dr. DeStephens’ rapid weight loss program, the goal is to lose the weight as rapidly as possible in a healthy fashion and to do it happily, joyfully, and to keep it off permanently. And such is not possible without understanding how a client can learn and implement extraordinarily powerful motivational strategies that the best of the best use as they seek peak performance. In this program, the emphasis goes beyond what you eat to What you must think on a recurring basis in order to be optimally successful not just in getting the weight off but in keeping it off. It makes no sense at all to work hard to get the weight off if you aren’t able to follow through and keep it off. This is the only program that will take the time to teach you how to get maximum motivational leverage on yourself, and effectively develop an exciting dream that you are willing to fight for! Your initial evaluation will be done by Dr. DeStephens himself utilizing over 35 years of experience as a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist while also being certified as a Noninvasive Cardiologist and Anti-Aging specialist. If you have not done them recently, basic blood work will be checked along with a comprehensive history and physical so that he will know all of your significant medical problems that might impact your weight loss goals. The program will be reviewed with you at that time and initiated on that first evaluation if it appears to be safe to do so prior to obtaining the lab work. Other details of the program will be outlined further under the tab for “Rapid Weight Loss”.

If certain nutrients or hormones such as thyroid, adrenal, male and female sex hormones, or growth hormone (HGH) are found to be deficient, Dr. DeStephens can recommend targeted nutritional supplements, occasional medications, and hormonal adjustments to return any such deficiencies back to their optimal ranges. During the anti-aging medical assessment, a targeted look at the blood for key heart risk indicators that can be improved will be done if you have not had these done in the preceding year along with a close look at your thyroid hormone status.

The areas our physician primarily focuses on in order to map out a plan for optimal health and life extension can be seen in the following list:

  • Stress Reduction: Chronic stress where one feels at least borderline out of control with no solution on the horizon is one of the most rapidly aging problems that we must keep trying to improve. And it’s one of the worst risk factors for developing heart disease that we know. If Dr. DeStephens identifies serious unhealthy stress, he will want to know the underlying cause so that practical solutions can be both found and learned such that the stressor, through its resolution, makes us stronger rather than tearing us apart. And that is so much better than merely hiding the problem with otherwise unnecessary medicines for depression, anxiety, and worse, that never solve the underlying reason for why the stressor is there in the first place. “As you think, so shall you be.” Dr. DeStephens, when necessary will show you how you can apply that principle to solving or at least reducing these common unhealthy stressors. If necessary for problems that cannot be so easily unraveled, he can refer you to a stress management counselor. Herein, perhaps you can understand that Anti-Aging Medicine is a comprehensive look at the whole person which seeks optimal wellness rather than waiting, as is so often the case, for something to break down before paying any attention to it. It’s far better to learn the fundamentals of optimal health physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to prevent your body from breaking down in the first place. And such is Dr. DeStephens’ consistent approach to health and wellness as well as what he will always want to get back to after he puts out the fire that might have caused the relatively urgent visit in the first place.

  • Hormone Optimizing: State-of-the-art careful monitoring and balancing of all hormones including sex hormones for both men and women when indicated. Only Bio-Identical Hormones which are those that are biologically identical to what your body makes on its own are utilized. These can be easily monitored both by periodic blood sampling as well as by documenting exactly how you feel based on their specific dosing. If optimal hormonal balancing is combined with a proper diet, exercise program, and stress management when indicated, together they allow one to feel, function and in certain respects even look 10, 15, or even 20 years younger.

  • Facial Esthetics: If your natural facial aging doesn’t go well with the youthful body that you are creating then an array of nonsurgical facial aesthetics discussed in the accompanying tab under “Cosmetic Procedures” can make a huge impact for those who are best suited. Check out the information below this tab for details and set up an appointment to see how each could be tailored uniquely to you by not just an esthetician but both performed and coordinated by an extraordinarily knowledgeable Anti-Aging physician in Dr. DeStephens.

  • Genetics: While our genetic makeup is predetermined, lifestyle, nutrition, and other activities controlled by us can radically affect the way our genes are expressed.

  • Lifestyle: With the reduction of stress, healthy living practices that are mostly common sense, such as not smoking, drinking alcohol only in moderation, avoiding narcotics, eating fresh foods and a balanced diet, drinking clean pure water, and avoiding radiation, heavy metals, pollution, etc.

  • Toxins: Avoiding them as best we can including the lesser-known toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, etc.

  • Exercise: Consistent and balanced, nontraumatic aerobic exercise, a balanced overall muscle toning program coordinated as necessary with a physical therapist who can help reduce back and neck pain by teaching how to improve your posture and to become what is called “core aware”. And just as importantly, progressively improve all of your joints’ range of motion and flexibility through a simply taught daily yoga-style flexibility program.

  • Nutrition: Carefully chosen fresh, unpreserved foods, along with the judicious use of balanced multi-vitamins and minerals to ensure that all nutritional needs are being met, especially as these needs usually increase with age.

  • Nutritional Supplements and Antioxidants: Dr. DeStephens has prioritized the tremendous options available with nutritional supplementation including a wide variety of antioxidants. He can teach you which ones are the most important and why in order to help your body eliminate all of the toxic pollutants that our bodies are constantly exposed to even as a consequence of our own natural metabolism. It’s like taking out the garbage at the end of the week. It’s not something that you want to accumulate. Antioxidants, as well as proper nutrition, are critically important in this regard.
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