Comprehensive Rapid Weight Loss Program for Your Well-Being

It Can Change Your Life Too!

This is a physician-supervised rapid weight loss program that I personally designed based on my extensive experience in internal medicine, cardiology, and anti-aging medicine for over 30 years. And when you meet me, you will see that I am not one of those “Do as I say and not as I do” kind of people. I am passionate about the pivotal role that this program can have in both your health and fitness as well as your self-esteem. When you have successfully completed the program you will have the tools to maintain ideal weight for the rest of your life. But just as importantly the lessons learned as you are taught how to probe the psychology of your own weight issues can be applied in other areas of your life as well whenever you might benefit from applying the best in motivational success principles.

What kind of weight loss can I expect?

With regard to the mechanics of the program, it is designed to help you lose 8–12 pounds the first week and 3–4 pounds per week thereafter without being excessively hungry or terribly energy drained. The first week is what we call the boot camp week designed to flush out as much of your accumulated toxic starch and sugar as possible by concentrating on protein and avoiding carbs. Since starch acts as a sponge for water, as your body preferentially burns up its own starches because you aren’t feeding it any, your body will also be able to get rid of the accumulated water that is always soaked into the starch. And in that first week, as you are burning up these accumulated starches and sugars along with the bloating water that goes along with it, that is the reason why you have the potential to lose so much weight that first week.

Weight Loss Program Testing

We will show you a simple urine test that you will do every morning to make sure that you are in that fat-burning mode and if you are not you can look back from the preceding day to see what you may have eaten that was in any fashion excessive either in terms of types of foods or quantities as you are continually educating yourself about what your body’s tolerances are.

We will also teach you to formally track the essentials of what you will be following to allow you to make the necessary adjustments as your urine checks for fat burning and weight loss would suggest. In addition, and most importantly we will teach you about the psychology of weight loss and show you how you can intimately learn about the psychology of your own recurring weight loss issues; that is, what are the recurring issues that prevent you from focusing properly on what is necessary to help you both lose the weight and to keep it off as well. We will also show you how you can identify your unique motivational strategy that can absolutely supercharge the likelihood of being successful with this program. According to a Harvard study, the principles that we teach you can accelerate your likelihood of success by as much as 20 fold if you can apply a few basics on a consistent and regular basis. In fact, studies have further shown that the application of these principles represents the foundations behind the success of most individuals who have achieved at the highest levels. I have just adopted these principles to be used in the context of weight loss.

Weight Loss Goals

Our goal is not simply to help you lose the necessary weight that you need to lose but to progressively get you in a position to ensure that you have the best chance to keep your weight within a reasonable range literally for the rest of your life so that you don’t find yourself yo doing with your weight ever again.

Diet and Nutrition

You don’t have to buy preprocessed foods as is the case with some diets instead, you are taught how you can simply buy properly from your local grocery. Because of the rapid weight loss goals of this program, we strip out as much of unnecessary calories as possible but ensure proper nutrition by having you take multivitamins and fish oils, as well as a weekly vitamin B12, shot administered in the office. If you are able to take an appetite suppressant based upon your medical history that we will review with you in advance, the appetite suppressant will not only help curb the hunger and cravings in the first few weeks but also will give you a bit of an energy boost as your body is switching from burning its preferred sweets and starches to burning fat.

So what’s your motivation for wanting to lose weight? If you already know what it is or at least think you do then you are ready to begin. If you are not sure then we can teach you a process whereby you can find it for yourself. Because once you are clear about an exciting reason for why it is that you must succeed in your weight loss goals then the rest is easy. And on this program, if you follow it closely the weight will come off as fast as you would expect it to come off with a gastric bypass surgery but without the surgery. And that’s how serious students of weight loss have been able to lose up to 110 pounds in 6 months. Are you ready to begin?
– Dr. DeStephens